Foot Massage in Chinatown


Boyfriend was on course for the whole week. Since he ended his class at 645pm, he came over to Chinatown to meet me. Before dinner, we went to his favorite foot massage place – Teochew Meng Reflexology Centre at People’s Park Complex, kinda like a must-go for him if we are in the area. Usually gotta wait for a while and it’s pretty cheap, 1hour foot+shoulder massage at only $25. We had a 45mins session for $20. You’ll get 1 free session with every 10 visits…

PAIN!!! They say there are areas on the feet corresponding to the parts of the body including major organs. There’s some painful spots and according to the masseur, the spots corresponds to the brain, lower back, bladder, digestive systems, intestines, etc. Wah…that’s quite a long list… While massaging my calf muscles, he said I walked a lot… Ha ha ha…because I usually walk up or down the stairs (avoiding escalator as I have phobia of going down the escalator :p)…wahahaha… Hm…forgot to ask him if it’s good or bad to walk a lot. The masseur sald that it’s good to do it regularly as it improves circulation and also relieving my headaches/migraines. Should consider…
Foot Massage

If you are in the area, do give it a try 😀

Teochew Meng Reflexology Centre
1 Park Road, People’s Park Complex
#03-76, Singapore 059108
Tel: (65) 6223 1268

Opening Hours:
Daily: 10am – 930pm


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  1. Yep. It’s shiok. After massaging, don’t you feel that your legs and feet (apart from being super oily from the moisturiser) feels much much lighter when you walk? Haha… If too pain can ask the person to lighten his/her pressure.

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