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Yippee, my Cotton Tunic Dress which I’ve ordered from This-Season last week has arrived yesterday, in time for my BD 😀  Happy Happy!  Like what they have described in the website, the material is soft and great for warm weather.  It’s light as well, think it can be one of the item packed in travel bag…Here’s the picture, was late for work today, that’s why I didn’t put it on to take a picture.  I hanged it at my cabinet…  You can visit their website for more detailed pictures.

My Cotton Tunic Dress from This-Season
My Cotton Tunic Dress from This-Season

You can also check out my previous post on This Season, or visit their website to find out more.

LH came to meet us for lunch at Golden Mile Food Centre aka Army Market. There’s quite a number of nice foodstalls over there, eg. Chicken Rice, Char Kway Teow, Lor Mee, Slice Fish Bee Hoon, etc. Most of them with some food awards or best voted award! Haven’t been there for a while as it is about 8mins walk from office. The weather is so hot lately, I don’t wanna walk under the afternoon sun. I had Lor Mee (卤面), which I will order from this stall (sad to say, I forgot the stall name…shall take note of it next time I’m there) whenever I’m there. Of course, I will order something else occasionally. They are generous with the ingredients, they added Meat, Fried Wanton, Fried Fish, Fish Cake, Egg, etc. I like their crispy fried wanton especially.

Lor Mee for lunch
Lor Mee for lunch

Besides 2 levels of food stalls, there are shops selling clothes, army necessary items, vintage stuffs, watches are level 2. Actually, the stuffs there are quite nice and reasonably priced too. Maybe one day should go for a walk and see if there’s any interesting items 😀


with love…


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