My Favorite Colors

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Was looking at some featured images I have added in the blog, most of them were in shades of pink. Pink is still one of my favorite color as of now. But I think I’ve overused them…ha ha ha… I tried to add other colors like Blue or Green, etc…but somehow, it’s still at very minimum :p I am also trying not to make it too colorful…wahahaha… Hm…cannot make up my mind. Just like I have been saying I wanna change my blog’s template, I have shortlisted some but have yet to decide which to use.

I kept a palette of the colors I like for easy reference when I needed them when doing some designs. Not sure if this is the efficient way, I saved them as individual jpeg and sort according to filename in the folder. Ha ha ha ha…Here’s a screenshot of a section:


Am thinking of changing the current color of my penguin “identity” to something else. Did a variations of them…cannot make up my mind which one out of the 4 in the first row to use…ha ha ha… There’s still other nice colors in my folder…shall list them another time…

My Favorite Colors

Is there any wordpress plugin where I can save them as gallery and display in 1 page, just like a mini Pinterest? Wahahaha….


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