My Favorite Colors

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Was looking at some featured images I have added in the blog, most of them were in shades of pink. Pink is still one of my favorite color as of now. But I think I’ve overused them…ha ha ha… I tried to add other colors like Blue or Green, etc…but somehow, it’s still at very minimum :p I am also trying not to make it too colorful…wahahaha… Hm…cannot […]

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My Twitter Background

Twitter Page Design

Suggested to JL last week, she should consider changing the background of her twitter profile adapting the look of her blog. She’s so quick, she got it up within like a day or 2… Oh man…as usual, Ive been sitting on it for too long. After much researching and seeking her advise on the sizes I should work on, I finally got it up as well! Not very […]

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This is a short week for me.  Monday a public holiday and I’m on medical leave yesterday…  We were both busy with work and didn’t really meetup this week.  Tomorrow, he will be going to his friend’s baby shower…well, I can’t go, because I’m having a bad flu and cough.  I think it’s better for me to stay away from Baby… JL did this for me…isn’t it cute??? […]

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