Xmas Gathering Part 1 – Steamboat cum BBQ Dinner

Christmas Gathering

J & A organised a steamboat cum bbq gathering dinner at their place last Saturday. They were very kind to volunteer to prepare the stuffs, it can be quite a chore… It was the only day where most of us were available, except ZW & Girlfriend. A pity they couldn’t join. The dinner supposed to start at 630, well, as expected, boyfriend woke up at 7plus in the evening! We only managed to reached their place at 8plus when all of them were already there except ZX who worked till 9pm that day.

They prepared a sumptuous spread for us – prawns, scallops, fish, pork chop, crab sticks, hotdogs, Shabu Shabu pork, Bacon, Fish Dumplings, Fish Balls, etc. YUMMY YUMMY

Christmas Gathering

J’s mom also prepared pork chop for us…oh man, it’s really tasty. Very well seasoned. I think it was meant to put on the grilling plate, but she she’s very nice… She cooked it in the kitchen for us. WOOHOO! I definitely have to get the recipe from her!

Thanks J & Family for the great hospitality!


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