Xmas Gathering Part 2 – Brunch at W39 Bistro & Bakery


The long awaited gathering with the gang! Was discussing where to go for our gathering brunch, Ed recommended this place. I would love to try even if it’s at the west side…wahahaha… Read some nice reviews about the place… Was planning to go there on his Birthday, but chose something he likes instead. It is a cheery & cosy place located at 39 Taman Mas Puteh, off West Coast […]

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Xmas Gathering Part 1 – Steamboat cum BBQ Dinner

Christmas Gathering

J & A organised a steamboat cum bbq gathering dinner at their place last Saturday. They were very kind to volunteer to prepare the stuffs, it can be quite a chore… It was the only day where most of us were available, except ZW & Girlfriend. A pity they couldn’t join. The dinner supposed to start at 630, well, as expected, boyfriend woke up at 7plus in the […]

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30 Nov 13 – JESH Wedding Day


Reached Ash’s place at 6am on Saturday, 30 Nov 2013. It was Jeff & Ash’s wedding day… Day started at 6am and ended at 2plus am on Sunday morning…shack 😀 Reached bride’s place at 6am and prepared the items for the gatecrash. Groom & Brothers came, fetched the bride to his place. Stayed for Tea Ceremony, went back to Bride’s place for another Tea Ceremony. And followed by […]

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Tea or Painting? An arteastiq date with the mrs


Was on leave last Friday, decided to meet Mrs for tea at Arteastiq after her gynae appointment. Couldn’t remember when was the last time we met, obviously the tummy is bigger but she’s still looking vibrant and good. Looking forward to see her baby soon, expected date is on the 9 June. Very fast, guess she must be excited about it too… Suggested Arteastiq as I’ve not been […]

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Yummy Pizzas at Bella Pizza

Bella Pizza

Finally, get to meet up with the gang yesterday. Forgot when was the last time we met, think is sometime in September. It was just a few days away from Mooncake Festival as we met T to get her homemade green tea mooncake… YUMMY! Few days ago, was deciding where’s for dinner, LH suggested Bella Pizza. Well, first thing came to my mind was “BELLA PIZZA”??? Is there […]

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The HandBurger with great company

Met the gang after work for dinner @ 313 Somerset. There’s wide range of food selections in their 3 dining areas, ie. Discover Walk where Marché Restaurant, Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant, Absolute Thai, Trattoria Italian Kitchen is; Food Hall on B3 where you can find takeaway foods and casual restaurants such as Din Tai Fung, F.I.S.H, The HandBurger, etc; and lastly Food Court on Level 5 […]

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