Birthday Buffet Dinner at Greenhouse (Ritz Carlton)

Greenhouse Buffet at The Ritz Carlton

He he he…it’s the time of the year again…Same time last year, we had buffet at Carousel. This time, boyfriend’s mama arranged a buffet at Greenhouuse – Ritz Carlton yesterday, with his dad, herself, her cousin & boyfriend and us. Perhaps it’s near the year end festive season, lotsa companies had their gathering/company dinner there as well. Saw my friend there too… We were seated at a dim […]

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Wedding Lunch & Buffet High-Tea

with love

It’s amazing how much stuffs my stomach can store. It’s a joyous occasion anyway, shall not grumble much. Did nothing but eat all day. Woke up rather early last Sunday, as R’s wedding lunch starts at 12.30pm in Holiday Inn Orchard. We reached there on time, but lunch started at around 1. There seems to be quite a number of empty seats, probably it’s due to year end […]

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