New Udon Thai Food Mookata at Golden Mile Complex

Mookata Cover

It was my first time having Mookata- Thai Style Steamboat & BBQ and also my first time walking into this section of the Golden Mile Complex. With interior like this, I don’t feel like I’m in Singapore…wahahaha… Boyfriend was surprised that I’ve never been to this section of Golden Mile. Hm… I don’t know why too…wahahahha…

Golden Mile Interior

Luckily we didn’t have to wait for long for seats outside (less smelly :p). Then again, sitting outside doesn’t mean that you won’t smell after that :p Do bring some wet tissues along too, I think can clean better than tissues…

Mookata 01

Not served in a fanciful plate/manner but definitely fresh and yummy. A set comes with a seafood/meat/vegetables platter. Portion was quite generous for 2. We ordered 2 sets since there’s 4 of us.

Mookata 03

Pieces of lard were placed on the skillet to grease the pan and you can start “BBQ-ing”. Add the vegetables, fish ball, crab sticks, etc into the shallow steamboat pot when the soup starts to boil. Towards the end, the oil and juices from the meat will flow down into the soup to enhance the flavor. Well, it was sinful but the soup was really TASTY and flavorful… I love their chilli sauce, it’s yummy. And it taste a bit like Coca’s chilli sauce too.

Check out the pan before & after. We were joking that one can build muscle easily by scrubbing their pans for a day. Look how shiny it was before the meal!


Would love to come back for dinner again, provided that we don’t have plans after that. Do not attempt this if you planned to have movie after that. Cannot and wouldn’t want to imaging the smell…ha ah ha… But one thing can be quite a painful experience for me – I get oil splattering onto my hand at times… URGH!!!


New Udon Thai Food Mookata
5001 Beach Road, Golden Mile Comples
#01-55, Singapore 199588


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