New Toy from Boyfriend


Boyfriend just came back from his 5D4N Bangkok Trip with his friends – so call men’s trip…nothing new… And yes, we just went to Bangkok in September… Anyways, that’s beside the point. I’m gonna share my new toy from him…he he he…something that’s my favorite and can bring along for trips πŸ˜€ Tadah… Cute? He he he…I’ve been looking for a nice, cute and cheap neck rest, finally […]

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Boyfriend’s Business Trip


Boyfriend is away for a week to Hiroshima for work. Sent him to the airport last Sunday and time flies…he will be back tomorrow! Wahaha…whole week was busy with work and only managed to blog today. The eyes were tired and I don’t wish to on my laptop when I reach home. At most, I just play games or facebooking on my mobile till dozed off. Sigh… His […]

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The Man’s Vacation in Bangkok

The Man Vacation Cover

Boyfriend came back from Bangkok last week from his 3D2N (company trip) + 3D2N (own extension πŸ™ ). And yes, I’m not included :(. Sigh, what to do even though I’m unhappy. Kinda expected – who can resist a free trip? Well, of course it may not be important even with the fact that I once said “your next Bangkok trip has to go with me…” What to […]

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