Lunch Today – 20 Aug 2013 [Closed]


First visit to this Prata Place in Chinatown Point – Prata Wala. Quite a small unit.

Prata Wala Indoor
Prata Wala

Love the Illustration pictures on the wall

Cute Illustration

My Fried Chicken Briyani ($7.50), super filling. Only managed to finish ¼ of this. Taste alright but really too much. I’m not sure, but I just feel that it’s slightly overpriced. Or, Briyani is generally expensive?

Fried Chicken Biryani


Prata Wala @ Chinatown Point

Update: Closed in Chinatown Point. Other outlets available.

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  1. Briyani is generally expensive. $7.50 should be average for an air conditioned, and a by-itself location.
    Your thumbnail for the post, I thought you drew it until I saw the wall.. haha

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