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Been working in Chinatown for almost a month. Besides the tourists, senior citizens, there are lotsa good food around. Well, I always link Chinatown with the senior citizens and will only go there during Chinese New Year or foot massage at People’s Park Complex. It is a very old estate but has changed a lot over the years. It has also become one of the tourist spot now with old temples & mosques, historical associations and of course food 😀

Besides the crowded MRT, escalators, lunch crowds, I guess I’m coping ok. Always looking forward to lunch times as there are really lotsa nice food in Chinatown. It may not be new to those who has been working there, but it’s an exploration to me daily. I think if to try a stall a day, it can last a few months? So here’s what I’ve managed to snap during lunch times 😀

Mini Pot
Introduced by my colleague whom accidentally spotted this place. Well, it’s located in a corner of level 2 in People’s Park Complex. If I’m not working here, I don’t think I’ll know this place. Had this for lunch twice and it’s really value for money.

How to order?
Step 1 – Select the set you prefer, eg. Fish, Pork, Prawns, Beef, etc
Step 2 – Select your soup base, eg. Tom Yum, Laksa, Chicken Soup, etc
Step 3 – Select your main, ie. Rice, Noodle, etc
Step 4 – Optional, if you wish to add any additional items

That’s it, simple isn’t it. After placing your order, you can go back to your seat. The staff will prepare and send the items to you 😀 The portion is quite filling. Besides the main, the set comes with vegetables, Glass Noodles, pumpkin, fishball, mushroom, etc. Soup base is refillable.

Mini Hotpot at People's Park Complex
Mini Hotpot at People’s Park Complex

Without any addons, a Beef set costs S$6. I’ve added Luncheon Meat, total at S$7.

People's Park Complex - Mini Pot (Beef Set)
People’s Park Complex – Mini Pot (Beef Set)

Mini Hotpot
People’s Park Complex – #02-71

XO Fish Soup
Well, sad to say, they are closing wef 17 Mar 2013 due to the increase in their monthly rental. Heard that the landlord wanna renovate the entire stretch and will be increasing the rent. They will be moving out from Smith Street. If you really love their fish soup, you can still find them in Dover Crescent (19A Dover Crescent, Singapore 131019). Tried their San Lou Hor Fun and Fish Soup Bee Hoon. San Lou Hor Fun was good but a bit oily for me. Fish Soup Bee Hoon was great! Love the soup, it really taste good and they put quite a bit of Ginger taste too which I like :p Ordered the one without XO, which is S$5.

Holland Village XO Fish Soup
Holland Village XO Fish Soup

Mama’s Tasty – Western Food
Interesting dining place in Chinatown, Smith Street, previously located at Pearl’s Centre. Hm…I don’t have the exact unit number, but it’s opposite myCK departmental store. My colleague said that she used to eat here every week… Interior looks simple and plain, very at home…but food is yummy.

Mama's Tasty
Chicken Cutlet @ Mama’s Tasty – S$6

Mama’s Tasty
Along Smith Street, opposite myCK Departmental Store

Dessert Hut
How can there be no desserts after meals, he he he… There’s this dessert place selling both hot & cold desserts in People’s Park Centre, level 3. I ordered Chendol. Hm…taste slightly different from others, very thick and tasty. Looking forward to try others…pictures looks yummy.

People's Park Centre - Desserts
People’s Park Centre – Dessert Hut

Dessert Hut
People’s Park Centre – #02-48/58

New Foodcourt at People’s Park Centre, Basement
Well, something new. My colleagues ordered the Salad Spinach Noodles, so I snap a pic of it. Seems interesting, but it’s a hot dish. There’s egg, fried chicken, vegetables and thousand island sauce. Seems Interesting, wanna try it next time.

Salad Spinach Noodle
Salad Spinach Noodle

Exploring more each day…



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