Feb 2013 – Show some love with Bellabox

February 2013 - Bellabox

Happy Belated Valentine’s Day πŸ˜€

I am sure you have received your February 2013 Bellabox Valentine’s Day box by now. As mentioned in in my last post, it’s difficult to arrange delivery as I’ve left my previous workplace and also after some months of disappointments, this month’s Bellabox shall be my last subscription. JL received it on my behalf on Valentine’s Day πŸ™‚

Love the black wrapper with hearts :p

Feb13 - Show some love with Bellabox
Feb13 – Show some love with Bellabox

So, let’s see what’s in the box:

Feb13 - Bellabox
Feb13 – Bellabox

1. Sasatinnie – foot boost peach (foot mask)
Mask for softening, rejuvenating feet…wooo…I usually will buy face masks, face moisturiser and neglected my feet. With the combition of Ginko, Peach and Rose extracts, this suppose to soothes and softens, and improves circulation!

2. Adonis Herbal Peel Gel
Exfoliates gently and expertly, providing a bright skin tone, replenishing youthful complexion and removing unsightly dead skin.

3. Adonis Dermatox (Anti-Toxin)
Removes toxins fast and effectively creating clear & beautiful skin. Apparently it’s Adonis best seller!

4. Institut KaritΓ© Paris Extra Gentle Body Milk 250ml/$33
Delicately scented, the Extra Gentle Body Milk leaving your skin smooth and moisturized, and protects sensitive skins with its lightly texture. Great for sensitive skin and easily packed in your bag.

5. Lanvin Marry Me!
30 ml/ $76
50ml/ $108
75ml/ $136
Wow, the word “Marry Me!” is so big! One of my favorite item in the box, perfume miniature. Well, loved perfume miniatures because it can be stored easily in the pouch πŸ™‚ Not the kind of scent I’ll buy from the store, but he said is nice! It comes with notes of Rose, Amber Tunisian orange and jasmine. Will consider to get one since he said nice… wahahaha…

So, what’s in your box?



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