My purchases during lunch time

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Was looking for 2way cake for a long time, couldn’t decide whether I should get Lancome or Chanel. End up, I bought none. Was reading some beauty reviews, and I bumped into Sharlynn’s blog talking about Majolica Majorca Skin Remaker Pore Cover. First image I saw in her blog was the casing…wow… The casing is nice, so I’ve decided to give it a try.

JL also need to get 2way cake, so we decided to go Watsons during lunch time. It’s about 10mins walk from our office, luckily the weather wasn’t that bad. Was looking at the color palette, not sure which one to get. Tried, and I thought OC20 was suitable. The friendly sales came over and asked if I needed help. Well, since I’m unsure about the colors, might as well ask her opinion. She applied both OC10 and OC20 on each side of my chin. Erm…OC20 which is a more natural tone seems a bit dull on me whereas OC10 looks brighter. Think my skin tone was already abit dull, so I got OC10 instead.

Well, planned to get just the 2way cake, but couldn’t resist the foundation blusher, so I bought 2 items.

According to the Sharlynn, ZA’s 2way cake refill is able to fit into Majolica Majorca’s casing.  JL bought ZA’s powder, so we tried.  Can go in, but it’s kinda tight 😀

my new foundation & blusher

Oh, I’ve also bought a Hada Labo’s travel kit for my Bintan’s trip!!!!

Hada Labo’s travel kit

Happy Happy!!!

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