I’ve won the goodie bag


Woohoo! I’m one of the winner for InSing’s LIMITED EDITION ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 ’ goodie bag! Took part in the online contest with JL last week. Was browsing through my facebook last night, saw that InSing posted the winners list. Clicked and was looking through the list, and WOOHOOOOO….I saw my name! Wahahaha…was happily shouting.

He asked what I’ve won this time…wahahha…here’s the conversation
Mi: Twilight Goodie Bag!!
He: What is that?
Mi: Don’t know, but goodie bag worth S$100
He: Yeah, what’s inside?
Mi: Don’t know
He: … … …

InSing Twilight Breaking Dawn (Part II) Goodie Bag
InSing Twilight Breaking Dawn (Part II) Goodie Bag Winners Notification

Image source: InSing

He he he…I don’t know what’s inside the box, what I do know is that it’s a LIMITED EDITION goodie bag, worth S$100 each, courtesy of Shaw Organisation. Will share what’s in the goodie bag, which is only available for collection from 3rd December to the 7th of December.

And guess what, I haven’t watch the movie 🙁 Planning planning…

with love…

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