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Was listening to the HK radio channel one day, and the DJ shared this blog – 300 Sandwiches. I think it’s quite an interesting project, 

The author and boyfriend have been dating for a year. Of course, who wouldn’t wish to get engaged or married when you feel that you’ve found the right one. They’ve talked about future, getting a pet dog, getting a house, etc, but yet to know when the boyfriend will propose. One day during lunch time, after eating the turkey sandwich she made, he said to her “you’re 300 sandwiches away from the engagement ring”. So, she’s challenged to prepare 300 sandwiches for the man she love before having the ring.

Wonder how did the boyfriend came up with the number – 300. Imagine 300 sandwiches, that will take almost a year… The author started the blog last june, and she had already made 210 sandwiches. So cool! Follow her into the kitchen for some yummy sandwiches.

Shall keep this site away from boyfriend. Wahahaha…wouldn’t want to have 300 meals away from the engagement ring…I only know simple instant noodle dishes…wahahaha…to eat 300 instant noodles, not really good for health 😀

300 Sandwiches


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