Happy Jubilee Weekend

Happy Jubilee Weekend

YAY! It’s the super Long Jubilee Weekend! We are celebrating the Nation’s 50th Birthday on 9th Aug! In fact, the SG50 celebrations will span over a year, from Jan – Dec 2015! Some friends went overseas. You can go for an almost 10days tour by taking 4 days leave. Shiok hor? As expected, I’m always too slow in planning…wahahaha… The air tickets for this period were either fully booked or too expensive by the time I decided to go somewhere with him. Wahaha… So, we ended up “rotting” at home 😀 Anyways, I need to save my leave for the France trip end of the year.. A & family will be there for 2 years, hence boyfriend and other cousins are planning to visit her at end of the year. Hm… end of the year sounds cold to me… Googled and December seems to be the coldest month… OMG… Anyways, no updates from Boyfriend yet…hopefully the plan is still on 🙂

Spent few hours in Sim Lim yesterday, as I brought my laptop there for repair. Nothing serious, just faulty keyboard. Wahaha… the 4 important keys, ie. ; ? , . (at least to me) are not working… While waiting for the laptop, we went to try the Boat Noodle at Noodle Cafe. Hm… sad to say, nothing close to those we tried in BKK. Don’t like. We’ve also ordered deep fried pork lard…erm…was cold and hard and not crunchy. Don’t like.

Boat Noodle @ Noodle CafeBoat Noodle at Noodle Cafe

Pork LardPork Lard

We are going back to collect the laptop today as the repair time was longer than expected. They fixed the keys, but trying to close it properly, think some alignment issues. We are going for haircut at Ang Mo Kio at 5pm, dunno can make it or not. So, that’s our Day 1 and 2 of the Jubilee Weekend. Wahaha…next 2 days probably will be rotting at home 😀 Oh, shall do some planning for next weekend 😀

[Update] Called the shop at 1, the staff said they are still fixing it. They then called me at about 2.45 saying that the keypad they used to replace my faulty keypad is 0.01mm thicker, hence unable to fit nicely. They tried to close it a few times but the cover kept popping up. It doesn’t fit nicely. If to get another exactly the same as mine, will have to wait for a week. The cost is still $85. Hm… after consideration, think I’ll just make do with an external keyboard for the time being. Haven’t decide when I want to get a new laptop (I wanna save for my trip…wahahaha…). I quite like the ASUS laptop I had… it has been with me for few years, the longest one I ever had… 🙁

Everywhere has been talking about activities during Jubilee Weekend, Free Activities, How to Survive the Long Weekend, What to Do, Where to Go, etc. For those who are spending the 4 days break in Singapore, there are lotsa activities going on. JY went museum hopping yesterday. JL went picnic at some park (need to wait for her updates in her blog). Some friends went Botanic Garden as there’s some programmes lined up during this period too. There are also aerial and fireworks display during this period.

The Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF) Black Knights will perform a 25-minute aerial display above the waters off the Marina South area at 12pm daily. The aerial display comprises 22 manoeuvres, as well as an opening and closing. Your cooperation is sought to stop kite flying activities at the Marina Barrage and its surrounding areas by 11.30am on these 3 days. There will also be firework displays at 8.15pm and 8.40pm at the Marina Bay area. – SG50 Website.

For more activities or information, you can visit Singapore50 website.

Happy Jubilee Weekend and Happy 50th Birthday Singapore!


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