Ho Ho Ho….Merry Christmas

merry christmas

Ho Ho Ho…Christmas is just 10mins away…

You may have known by now, I am commonly known as happiefeet among my friends. Even boyfriend’s friend whom met me the 2nd time, didn’t know my nickname, said I walked like one too… Oh com’on, I DON’T THINK SO…wahahaha… Anyways, I don’t really mind, penguins are cute. Moreover, the main colors in my wardrobe is black & white…ha ha ah ha… Getting to like penguins bit by bit and I noticed a lot of them appearing on eCards, eMaiers, decorations in shopping malls, etc. Probably because it’s the winter season, it’s either the Polar Bears or the Penguins…he he he…

So, here’s some of the Penguins I’ve gathered during this Christmas season:

Facebook Penguin SticersPhoto Credit: Facebook Messenger Stickers (THANK YOU FACEBOOK :D)

misslittlepatchesWhat I did last year, penguin from Miss JL

An Illustrator & Graphic Designer whom I have been following. He had his first Christmas decor design Exhibition in Hong Kong. And since it is a Christmas theme, definitely need to have some penguins 😀 See, so cute…too bad couldn’t see it live myself….

ilovedoodlePhoto Credit: ilovedoodle

JL sent this to me one day when she was at Marina Square… I wanna go and take photos with them too…wahahaha…

Penguin at Marina Square

Oh, saw this in my facebook wall some day and find it quite interesting. That’s why I shared it here for your pleasure reading. I quite like penguin and even known to walk like one, but sadly, I didn’t know much about them until I read the Top 100 facts about Penguins. Quite interesting. Top 100, there’s definitely more about them…

Oh, lastly, not forgetting, the penguin in my blog!

Santa Penguin_190

So, before the clock strikes 12, I’d like to wish everyone a very very merry merry happie happie Christmas and wishing you all the wonders of the season!


– ♥ –

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