McDonalds Fairy Tale Hello Kitty – The Frog Prince

McDonalds Hello Kitty Fairy Tale Plushies

Latest Updates:
McDonalds Singapore announced in their facebook page that the Frog Prince was sold out islandwide… Oh man…that was fast…

It’s MCD Thursday…ha ha ha…time really flies and it’s Thursday!

JL gotten her Frog Prince last night, or rather this morning (12plus am). After reading some comments from McDonald’s facebook page, I’m getting worried. It’s suppose to be on sale today, but already sold out at some outlets. Incredible. Luckily I managed to get mine from Chinatown…

McDonalds Fairy Tale Hello Kitty - The Frog Prince

He he he…as usual, I didn’t unwrap the Kitty box yet. Here’s the kitty picture I took at McDonald’s counter

McDonalds Fairy Tale Hello Kitty - The Frog Prince

For Nuggets lovers, besides the usual Curry, Sweet & Sour and BBQ sauce, McDonald’s launched 2 new flavours today! They are Wasabi Sauce and Honey Mustard Sauce. YUMMY YUMMY… Love it! I’ve always love Wasabi + Mayonnaise. I hope they will be around for a long long time…I love these 2 new flavours.

McDonalds Wasabi Sauce


The Fairy Tale plushies are available at $4.60 each with any Extra Value Meal purchased. Different Kitty each week (Thursday – Wednesday)

  • Wizard of Oz (30 May – 5 June) sold out
  • Little Red Riding Hood (6 June – 12 June) sold out
  • The Frog Prince (13 June – 19 June) sold out
  • The Ugly Duckling (20 June – 26 June)
  • The Singing Bone – Limited Edition (27 June – 3 July) I DEFINITELY WANT THIS
  • Special McDelivery Hello Kiity sold out

Have you got yours??

Read it from McDonald’s Singapore Facebook page, realised that some people bought the Hello Kitty and sell it for profit. Oh man…quite disgusting to make money out of it. Well, if everyone is willing to buy from them, who can we blame? McDonald posted in their Facebook Page that they will be removing posts that advertise the sale/trade… However, there are still some people with selective reading/hearing skills, continued to post their Kitty for sale/trade… sigh…

Anyways, something fun! If you love sharing pictures via your social media accounts, here’s something for you (nothing new probably :p) MCD Go Play launched their goPlay! Instagram Challenge last week 6th June and will end this month. Simply post any fun moments with McDonald’s (not necessary about the Hello Kitties) photos in Instagram, tag it with #mcdgoplay. You might be one of the lucky winners (25 winners will be picked from 6 June – 30 June):

6 June to 12 June
A pair of Filmgarde Movie Tickets each – 1 daily winner

13 June to 19 June
$25 Apple iTunes Card each – 1 daily winner

20 June to 26 June
Coca-Cola® Mini Hamper worth $30 each – 1 daily winner

27 June to 30 June
$30 McDonald’s Gift Certificates each – 1 daily winner

30 Jun
GRAND PRIZE: Private McNuggets party worth $500! 3 Grand Prize Winners

Good Luck!


McDonald’s Singapore
Facebook | MCD Go Play

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