Jan 2013 – Celebrate CNY with Bellabox

Jan13 - Bellabox

He he he…very delayed post on my Jan13’s Bellabox. Well, I only managed to receive it on 21 Jan 2013, not sure what went wrong. The delivery guy was late the first time, he came after 7pm when there’s no one in office (even though I’ve stated my preferred delivery time to be on weekdays between 9am-6pm). I have to reschedule the delivery which is on 21 Jan 2013 before 1pm. Guess what, think his trip was delayed somewhere, he came at 4plus. Hm…am I the only one with delayed Bellabox?

Opened the box, and I love the “goldish” wrapper. I did manage to remove the sticker nicely :p

Jan13 - Bellabox wrapper
Jan13 – Bellabox wrapper

Here’s what I’ve got:

Jan13 - Bellabox
Jan13 – Bellabox

1. b.liv – Feel No Sluggish 1pc/$2.95 (7pcs per box/$17.95)
Another mask – “jam packed with antioxidants and cell rejuvenating nutrients that keeps your face looking young and vibrant”. Sounds nice…

2. Natura Bisse Tolerance Recovery Cream 50ml/$292.11
Easily absorbed and helps to restore optimum skin hydration level.

3. Macadamia Natural Oil – Healing Oil Treatment 30ml/$28
Provides intense treatment nourishment for tangle and frizz free hair. Sounds good, especially my hair gets tangled up all the time. But I’m wondering if it’s too oily for me?

4. Macadamia Natural Oil – Healing Oil Infused Comb $16
Am I suppose to use it together with the Oil Treatment or can use it on it’s own? Checked the website for directions, it says “Pull comb through damp towel dried hair and style as usual, or through dry hair for added shine, lustre and detangling.” Hm…hopefully it works.


Jan13 - Bellabox & Skinfood
Jan13 – Bellabox & Skinfood

5. Skinfood – Watery Berry Toner and Emulsion
Watery Berry Toner: 160ml/$41.90
Watery Berry Emulsion: 160ml/$41.90
Looks not bad. It contains Cloudberry and Lingonberry extracts which are excellent antioxidants. Along with Hyaluronic Acid, they penetrate deep within the skin to moisturize with a light finish.

Would love to see what will be in the box for Chinese New Year. I think I gotta stop the subscription after receiving Feb’s box. It will be difficult to arrange the delivery as I’ll be leaving my current workplace soon… He he he… I even asked if they can put it in the mailbox, he he he..unfortunately, the answer is no. Too bad…

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