Week about Giant Pandas, British Royal Couple and Birthday

Yesterday was Y’s birthday.  She was packed with meetings, and we couldn’t really arranged to go out for birthday lunch.  What a pity.  But we managed to squeeze some time to have a mini celebration in office.  Boss bought cakes from one of his favorite cafe in MBS, ie. Java Detour.  Well, couldn’t really eat cheese cake, so he bought chocolate cake for me and cheese cakes for the rest.  Yummy Yummy.  As mentioned in the previous post, they served yummy sandwiches and cakes…  Drooling :p

Cakes from Java Detour
The mini celebration…

Oh, last week and this week, there has been lotsa news sharing on Facebook, Twitter, newspapers, online news, etc.  First was the arrival of the 2 Giant Pandas, Kai Kai and Jia Jia.  There’s even a live webcast in River Safari website where visitors can watch the entire process of transporting them from the airport to River Safari…  Oh my…they look so fluffy and cute…  Would like to see them soon, but public can only visit them in December this year.  They have to be quarantined for a month, consistently checking if they are adapting well.  Hm…  I think I should avoid the crowd, so maybe can plan to go next year.  From the picture, their home for the next 10years, ie. Giant Panda Forest looks like the one in Hong Kong Ocean Park.  If you’ve missed the live webcast or wish to know more about the Giant Pandas or other River Safari highlights, simply go to their website to find out more.

Another news which I’m quite excited about…woohoo…The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge arrived on Tuesday!  They will be staying in Singapore till Thursday before travelling to Malaysia.  They’ve visited the Botanic Gardens, Garden by the Bay, Queenstown, etc.  Omg, there are lotsa people waiting to see them…  They are in the news, newspapers, facebook posts, etc, with smile all the time.  Waving, chatting, shaking hands with people.  They are so lovely…so pretty…

with love…

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