Hello, I’m Back


OMG, I have neglected my blog for the longest time and have not been updating it as often as I wanted. The wifi at home got disconnected when I was typing halfway 🙁 Usually, I will update the posts on weekends when I am at boyfriend’s place. Then again, there are times that I just don’t feel like sitting in front of the laptop for hours editing images, […]

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Hong Kong + Guangzhou Trip, March 2014 – Part 2

HK Mar2014_Cover

continued from: Hong Kong + Guangzhou Trip, March 2014 – Part 1 [in hong kong] Nothing special on other days, just eat and eat, shop and shop and catch up with friends. Met R & Wife for lunch on Saturday. Went to U-Banquet for Dim Sum, well-known for providing superior chinese cuisine and wedding banquet. They have 8 outlets and each with different designs. We went to the one […]

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Tim Ho Wan at Plaza Singapura

Tim Ho Wan_Cover

Have always wanted to try the dim sum at Tim Ho Wan but the queue was way too long. Queuing for more than 1hr for a meal is too much for me…and my friends definitely have no patience to join me as well. Think the longest waiting time I waited was the dinner at Itacho Sushi with the gang. Think the wait was about 40mins and luckily I […]

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Business Lunch at Tung Lok Signatures (VivoCity)

Tung Lok Signatures

Had lunch with partners at Tung Lok Signatures Restaurant at VivoCity. Hm…I’m just following, he he he…not sure who suggested the place. But definitely a good suggestion :p Apparently, they served signature dishes of other restaurants under Tung Lok group in here. Been there once and loved their food. The place was brightly lit (maybe because they had full length windows panels) and with wonderful view of the […]

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Dining in Hong Kong – Dim Sum at 鴻星海鮮酒家 (Super Star Seafood Restaurant)

Hong Kong

[in Hong Kong] It’s day 4 in Hong Kong and scheduled to fly back to Singapore at 9pm. Just wanna relax, do some last minute shopping for local delights (Wife’s Biscuits) and of course not forgetting a Dim Sum brunch. Brought him to Lin Heung Tea House (蓮香樓) during the last trip, kinda shocking for him. He didn’t enjoy the environment and dining experience there. We had to look […]

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Dim Sum Lunch at Luk Yu (Chinatown Point)

Luk Yu Teahouse

Met missy for lunch before her Maternity leave ends. Saw the baby’s photo on her facebook, cute and looks like daddy. Thinking of what to eat for lunch in Chinatown can be tough. There’s way too many choices. Walked pass Luk Yu at times but didn’t get to visit this place. While thinking of what to eat, I read some reviews and their pictures looks nice. So, I […]

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Hatch Day


It’s the time of the year again, official +1 year 🙁 Oh my, this is going to be a long post, recapping activities for almost the whole week :p Tuesday, 14 Aug 2012 He’s required to go to Batam for work on Wednesday, so we had dinner on Tuesday instead. Went online to research where to eat. Accidentally bump into some reviews on Imperial Treasure Noodle & Congee […]

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Our Dim Sum Affair ~ Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

From time to time, Dragon Phoenix Restaurant located in Novotel Hotel Clarke Quay will have some promotion.  I missed it the last time, and it’s here again!  50% discount on Dim-Sum (a list of 30 items or more…) during lunch time.  And of course, I’m not going to miss it again!  Heard they are good.  Reached there about 1, and was ushered to our seat.  Erm…think is good […]

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