My New Phone – OnePlus One


Finally, my OnePlus One 64GB is here!

Mobile contract is up, and that means it’s time to get a new phone 😀 He he he…been thinking for months but cannot decide among S5, Note 4 or Z3… But definitely getting a white one! Boyfriend been using OnePlus One for months and had already been raving how good it is before owning one. The specifications, the performance, the features, etc, but seriously, I don’t know any of them…wahahaha…

Anyways, while he was in Bangkok, he had one invite to giveaway, so he’s givng it to me 😀 But had to purchase the phoe by 5pm on the same day. Wah, stress man… How to decide! Well, since I quite like the grip, it’s light and it’s still Android, so why not! And quite reasonably priced – US$349. But I can only get the 64GB Sandstone BLACK!!! Sigh…still gotta get a black one 🙁

And so, here it is! Love the box, it’s so sleek!


Had to use a forwarder as they don’t ship to Singapore. When M and boyfriend bought their phone, they used Comgateway as they said it’s cheaper than vPost. Moreover, until September 2015, exclusively for DBS/POSB Credit & Debit Cards payment, you get $10 + 10% off!! So, mai tu liao! Signed up and arrange the necessary details and projected delivery date was 25Nov. Guess what, I received a DHL sms saying my item is scheduled to be delivered on 22Nov. WAH! So fast! Too bad, I called but couldn’t change delivery address at the last minute, so got them to deliver again on Monday to office.

Oneplus 02Our Phones – He he…couple phones 😀

I’ve always love cute themes, that’s why I seldom use default launchers… He he he.. I’m using Dodol Launcher. Anyways, been using it for about a week, no complaints so far… Loving the screen size 😀 But I’m still meddling with some settings though, especially the auto brightness and ringtone volume. Auto brightness like too bright in the dark at times, and ringtone at the softest but still too loud in office…. wahahha… And also, I’m worrying of damaging the power button because I take a lot of screenshots…wahahaha… Googled for ways to overcome this, one of which is enabling on-screen nav bar and set the gesture to activate screnshot…but this is what happened leh:

ScreenshotIt blocked the image…sigh…

Connection while travelling in the tunnel seems weak, couldn’t get 4G as often when I was using S4… Hm…not sure if it’s normal, boyfriend has no problem…why why…

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