2D1N Company’s Retreat to Montigo Resorts (Batam)


Happy New Year and may your 2014 be filled with love, laughter, good health & great times. All things bad will be far far away…

[in Batam] Was away for a 2D1N stay in Montigo Resorts Batam on 27Dec13 for a short company retreat :D. Had been highly promoting this place to boyfriend and friends as there were so many nice pictures circulating around online. His cousins were there sometime in June last year too… Finally, it’s my turn! Glad to have the chance and thank you for the arrangements!

Reached Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal at about 6am, departure time was 710am…zombie… The ferry ride took about 45mins to reach Nongsapura Ferry Terminal in Batam. We’ve arranged land transfer in advance and the driver was already outside waiting for us. Journey from Terminal to Montigo Resort took less than 10mins. OH MY! This is what you will get to see the moment you alight from the mini bus!

Montigo Resort BatamI think this appear in all blog posts about Montigo Resort

Panorama viewPanorama View

The very nice swimming poolThe very nice swimming pool

Montigo ResortOur Villa

Maximum villa occupancy is 4+1, with additional $100+ for the 5th pax. That’s why 2 villas for 9 of us. The villa can easily fit 10pax…but don’t try to sneak in ya… Check-in time is 3pm…and we were there way too early. We were all too hungry explore what’s available, so we went to TADD’s for breakfast and it cost S$18/pax (Day2 breakfast included in the package). Not some spectacular spread, but still YUMMY!

Shuttle service to Nagoya Hill was fully booked that day, so we had to book 2 taxis to drive us around. It costs 500,000 rupiah for 4hours. And since we planned to have some seafood dinner outside the resort, we booked the drivers to 8pm at 700,000 rupiah. Quite cheap.

First stop to the Go Cart place as the guys wanted to try it. If you’ve bought some Batam Tour deals from deals website, you’d probably been here before.
Go Cart
After that, the drivers brought us to this eating place (looks like a coffeshop to me) for lunch. The staff placed all the dishes on the table. Another man said that we can return those we don’t want at no charge. He said one for 13,000 rupiah. Seems cheap. Only when we asked for bill, we then realised that he meant 1pc of chicken/fish is 13,000 rupiah. There’s 2 pcs of chicken in one plate, so it’s actually 26,000 rupiah per plate. DOT DOT DOT….felt cheated :p Oh! Forgot the name of the place…

Day 1 LunchAmazed at the way they stacked the place

Went to Nagoya Hill Shopping Mall to do some shopping, grab drinks & snacks and of course the souvenir for boyfriend…ha ha ha…

SouvenirTadah!! Boyfriend’s favorite Indomie!

Went back to resort to put our stuffs, explored the villa and rest for a while before heading out to dinner. It’s a pity that we didn’t spend much time at the Sky Terrace during the stay… The concierge recommended Rezeki Seafood Restaurant for yummy seafood dinner. It’s nice and cheap! We’ve ordered Crabs, Prawns, Fish, Cuttlefish, Chicken, Veg and it only cost 1.2M rupiah, which is around S$120 for 9 of us… Cheap right!!
Rezeki Seafood Restaurant - Batam

Day 2
Woke up at 630am (Batam time)…seriously I think I have some sleeping disorder. I slept at about 3am the night before and woke up that early while others were still in lala land…URGH… Bored and nothing to do, attempted to take some sausage legs pictures…ha ha haa..

Sausage LegHe he he…I hope you didn’t throw up…

Went to TADD’s for breakfast again with colleagues at 930am (Batam time) while some joined us later. I noticed some different food in both days, so I assume you won’t get the same breakfast everyday… That’s good…
TADD's at Montigo Resort

Checked out at 1pm (requested for late check out, the usual is 12nn), placed our stuffs with the concierge again and had lunch at Pantai (a Seafood Restaurant 1 level below the lobby). The food was good and cheap, and portion was big. The large fried rice can be shared among 3 gals…ha ha ha… Some of my colleagues placed their orders individually but we ended up sharing among 9 of us as the portion was really big. I think there’s about 15 over dishes and the total bill was only 1.3M rupiah. CHEAP!

Pantai in Montigo ResortHe he he…I only remembered that I forgot to take picture at this point…

Actually, for a short stay over weekend, I don’t mind to stay and relax within the resort. The food is nice and cheap. We didn’t try the Spa services, prices ranged from 500,000 to 950,000 depending on services and duration. Of course if you were to compare to those in town, they are definitely not very cheap… But, since you are already, why bother. There’s also some areas for kids but we didn’t have time to explore. Oh, you can also arranged transport to go to Turi Beach for some water activities. 

Am already planning a trip to Montigo Resort with boyfriend and friends. Hope to have more time exploring other sections in Montigo Resort. It’s really a great place for family and friends. Staffs are very friendly and helpful. The staffs will smile at you whenever your buggy drove pass. The only thing I don’t like is that there’s this strong sewage/drain smell in the masterbed room toilet. If were to leave the toilet door open, the whole room will smell as bad. Other than that, everything is great!



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