Spring Cleaning for the Lunar New Year


This coming Sunday is the 1st day of the Lunar New Year, the beginning of the year of Snake. That makes Saturday a Lunar New Year’s eve. For the past 3 yrs, we have been having reunion dinner at his aunt’s place. This year, his mama is planning a steamboat dinner at home. Woohoo…we love steamboat :p

I will always try to get a few new tops for Chinese New Year, which at least something fresh in the beginning of the Lunar New Year. I bought some dress from Qoo10. OMG, sad to say, I think I’ve put on so much weight, couldn’t fit into most of the free-size items 🙁 Looks like I gotta do some last minute shopping these 2 days. URGH…seriously need to exercise and go on diet.

Well, not sure if it’s a tradition, but since young, we have been taught to do a major spring cleaning before Chinese New Year. It is believed that the cleaning sweeps away the bad luck and getting ready for the coming good luck. Some families will give their house a new coat of paint, decorate the walls with some Chinese New Year decorations, etc.

Since I’m home early today, I tidied my room, throwing unwanted items away, store items into the boxes so that the room is not so messy, changed my bedsheets, etc. Tired but happy at the same time. I always found something while cleaning my room. I actually had some old notes hidden in my bible. Wahaha…but can’t find my old $50 and $10 though.

Dollar Notes
Dollar Notes


I also found my collection of phone cards, MRT cards in one of the boxes. There’s a lot. Some were bought as a pack, eg. Forever Friends series, Paddington Bear series, Warner Bros series, etc. Some were given by my mom and friends. Some were used during my younger days as I don’t have mobile phone then. Now we can hardly find a public phone, everyone is using mobile phone, even young children. Oh my…those were the days… I’m thinking if I should store them back into the boxes or put them nicely into some card holder… Hm… Card holder will be good if I’d like to take a look at them again in future, but kinda takes up some space compared to putting everything into the box…

Phone Cards
Phone Cards

Some of my MRT cards. Love the Friends series. I shall take another picture of my full collection when I’ve sorted them and put them nicely into a folder.

MRT Cards
MRT Cards


Happy Happy to have found these items.


– ♥ –

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