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Excited, finally get to visit Fullhouse Lifestyle Store and Cafe on Wednesday night celebrating Ash’s belated bd. Have been reading reviews online and the place look so nice and cute. Great for Girly chats. Well, not saying the guys can’t go, there’s actually a table of 7 guys behind us and they seems to be enjoying themselves too. Who says guys cannot go to girly places.

The design looks like a house, with living room, masterbed room, bar counter, dining area, even car porch and you will see the vintage Mini Copper Classic as you entered from the main entrance. The decor is nice, Victorian-style furnitures mainly in white, wallpaper, shelves, beds, etc. Nice and cozy.

Fullhouse Interior
Fullhouse Interior

Even the menu was cute, introducing the Fullhouse family Daddy Thomas, Mummy Tracy, children Tiffani and Tony, as well as pet dog Toy. There’s even a comic section at the last few pages of the menu. The food picture looks nice too and they even provide recipies ๐Ÿ˜€


Pumpkin Soup (Soup of the day) and Clam Chowder
The soups were served without pepper. The staff asked if we’d like to have some pepper, and sprinkled some. I couldn’t remember the last time I had Pumpkin soup, but my impression was that it should be sweet right? Their version was a bit salty to us. Not thick, perhaps, that’s why it’s called Pumpkin Soup and not Cream of Pumpkin :p Clam Chowder was sweet and yummy. Not sure what’s the greenish thingy on top, but it’s not as oily as it seems.

Pumpkin Soup; Clam Chowder
Pumpkin Soup (S$5.90); Clam Chowder (S$7.90)

Oven Roasted Chicken Parcel
Ash ordered this. Well, it’s a parcel and it’s stuffed with mushroom, sauteed daikon and chinese herbs. Don’t be turn off by “chinese herbs”, the taste is not as overwhelming as you think it should be.

Oven Roasted Chicken Parcel
Oven Roasted Chicken Parcel (S$22.90)

Seafood Spaghetti (in olive oil)
Well, getting a bit bored lately, always go for something safe. There are other dishes on the menu, such as Pan Sear Dory Fish, Wok-Sear Chicken Chop, Chicken Cutlet, Lamb Shank, etc, and I chose this. It comes with Mussel, Squid, Scallop and prawns with Oregano and Thyme. Not the usual tomato base. Spaghetti nicely cooked, not soggy. Nice to see, and nice to eat!

Seafood Spaghetti
Seafood Spaghetti (in olive oil) (S$20.90)

Wasabi Fish & Wedges
Missy ordered this. Looks and taste nice, but portion is big. Don’t really understand if our appetite is getting smaller or the food portion is getting bigger. Love Wasabi mayo, but they could have put more Wasabi.

Wasabi Fish & Wedges
Wasabi Fish & Wedges (S$16.90)

Calamari & Onion Rings
The Onion Rings are not the usual ones. It’s real onion rings, coated in batter and deep fry. They said it’s not spicy, not much of onion taste. Didn’t try, because I don’t eat onions. Calamari Rings was alright, fresh and big. The dish also comes with Wasabi Mayo, yummy!

Calamari & Onion Rings
Calamari & Onion Rings

Apple Pie with Ice Cream
Craving for desserts. They do not have a dessert menu, have to walked out to see what cakes they have. ย Missy selected Apple Cumble with a scoop of ice-cream. The staff came back and asked if it’s alright to place the ice-cream by the side, because it will melt if he put it on top of the warm apple crumble. Cute, isn’t it. I was wondering how come need to ask, ash said, “well, at least he ask, unlike some maybe trying to “act clever”. Hm…quite true. At least he bother to ask.

Apple Pie with Ice Cream
Apple Pie with Ice Cream

I would wanna come here with him the next time, lovely dates :p Great place to enjoy some sweet and lovely time together.

Overall, their service was good. Oh, something worth mentioning, ie, Missy was there first while Ash and I were on our way. She was feeling cold. Assuming that they cannot adjust the temperature of the aircon, the staff got her a shawl and opened the window nearest to us. And they kept warning us that the water is hot when they refilled our warm water. Quite sweet, isn’t it?

Besides Singapore, they have branches in several places of Malaysia which includes Niu Ze Xui, Sunway Pyramid, Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Sunway Giza, SS2 Mall. Do check them out.
SG Website
MY Website
Fullhouse @ Singapore
9 Bras Basah Road, #01-04
Rendevous Gallery, Singapore 189559
Tel: (65) 6336 6328

Opening Hours
Daily (Lunch): 11:30am – 3pm
Daily (Dinner): 5:30pm – 9:30pm

with loveโ€ฆ

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