Chinese New Year Day 2

His relatives came over for dinner today.  His dad cooked a spread.  Well, didn’t manage to take all the food pictures, only took my favorite Prawns and Stir Fry Vege with Clams.

Day 2 Dinner

His mom had been busy all day, occasionally knocked on the door when she needed help.  Honestly, I’m not sure where and what to help 😛  One of the uncle and his family came at 3plus while the rest of the relatives started coming in at 6plus.  Sat in the living room with that family, watching repeated shows from Channel 8.  Nothing much to watch…bored.  And as expected, he woke up at 4plus…can’t remember what time we slept the night before, I think was 5plus in the morning.

Oh, we had Lo Hei today too…guess it’s my no3. Lo Hei so far.  I think will have another round on Saturday and Sunday.  Lo Hei, or Prosperity Toss consists of raw fish, shredded vegetables and some sauces, pepper, etc.  Nowadays, most people  replaced raw fish with Salmon.  Traditionally, diners or server will say some auspicious wishes while adding the ingredients into the base ingredients (shredded vegetables).  All diners will then stand up, toss the ingredients into the air with chopsticks, saying various auspicious wishes.

Our version?  We had sliced salmon, abalone.  And while we tossed the ingredients, we shouted “发啊!”

Lo Hei no3

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