My Twitter Background

Twitter Page Design

Suggested to JL last week, she should consider changing the background of her twitter profile adapting the look of her blog. She’s so quick, she got it up within like a day or 2… Oh man…as usual, Ive been sitting on it for too long. After much researching and seeking her advise on the sizes I should work on, I finally got it up as well! Not very […]

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Rubber Duck Project – Hong Kong Tour 2013

Rubber Duck Project - HK

Rubber duck no longer stays in bath tubs only! Saw some Facebook posts of a HUGE and friendly looking Rubber Duck in Hong Kong! It’s really so cute! Source: South China Morning Post  Went googled about it, then realised that it’s Florentijn Hofman’s giant floating “Rubber Duck” had arrived in HK. This 16.5m high rubber duck will be on exhibit at the 1st Hong Kong Maritime Art Exhibition […]

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Are you a responsible road user?

Drive Safely

I’m so sorry, this might be a long post. Just wanna note down my encounter with a Blue Honda Jazz yesterday evening after work. To be honest, I am so tempted to put his car plate number here to let everyone knows about it, but that doesn’t seems nice. He definitely is not a new driver as he doesn’t have any “P” plate on the car. I was […]

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Weekend alone

The Man Vacation Cover

He went on a Brother’s trip to Bangkok on Friday morning.  Well…not sure what to do over weekend, but luckily had a short drinks with friends on Friday night and am going for Dim Sum lunch with them on Sunday…  The restaurant having 50% off 30 Dim Sum Items during lunch time, so we decided to give it a try.  Not sure how is it…shall share the photos […]

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