My Korean Lessons


I started learning basic Korean at the community centre near my work place. Erm…probably not very recent, already attended 6 lessons, missed 1 as I went to the HDB on that day. He he he… It’s just some very basics at $130 for 10 lessons, once a week on Wednesday, very cheap isn’t it? Furthermore, there’s additional discounts if you are a Passion Card holder. Wondering if there’s […]

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I Confess (고백합니다) by F.T. Island

Listening to

“I Confess” a song by F.T. Island (short for Five Treasure Island, a 5-member pop-rock band from Korea; members age around 21-24 years old) has been going on and on in my head and mp3 player. It is not a new song though. I get to know this song while watching We Got Married Global Edition Season 1, in the episode when Fujii Mina put on her gown and […]

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