Group Gathering + Dinner at Shinkei


We haven’t meet for quite some time, each busy with own stuffs. Since T suggested to have dinner together. So, we’ve started researching where to go, somewhere less raw stuffs, less seafood for Ash. Boyfriend saw this buffet deal in one of the deals site and shared in the group chat. Ash was ok with it, so we went ahead and here we are, at Shinkei (Toa Payoh). […]

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Steamboat Dinner at Shabu Sai (Orchard Central)

Shabu Sai, Orchard Central

Met boyfriend and M for dinner at PS. Not sure if the guys were craving for steamboat, they suggested dinner at Sukiya. Queue was pretty long. They walked one round and go over to Orchard Central instead. Went to level 8. Hm…queue was equally long outside Kiseki and Shabu Sai. Being a steamboat lover and they asked me to choose between the 2, he he he…I opt for […]

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Yummy Crab Feast with Love (Crab Buffet at Plaza Brasserie)

Happy Birthday

I am officially 1 year older last Thursday. Geez, don’t wanna think how old am I this year…the number looks scary. Ha ha ha… I’ve shared a link with him in July, highlighting that there’s a crab buffet and ends 31 Aug 2013. So, since it’s my birthday and being a crab lover, needless to say, boyfriend made a reservation for 2 at Plaza BRasserie. YUM YUM!!!!! And […]

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Wedding Lunch & Buffet High-Tea

with love

It’s amazing how much stuffs my stomach can store. It’s a joyous occasion anyway, shall not grumble much. Did nothing but eat all day. Woke up rather early last Sunday, as R’s wedding lunch starts at 12.30pm in Holiday Inn Orchard. We reached there on time, but lunch started at around 1. There seems to be quite a number of empty seats, probably it’s due to year end […]

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King’s Laksa Steamboat

Kings Laksa Steamboat

Oh my, it’s 2nd Dec 2012 already?  X’mas in another 23 days time, 2012 will be over in 29 days?  OMG!!!  Time really flies and it’s very scary… Anyways, will have a lot of get-together cum eating sessions coming up…and we already started one buffet session yesterday…  OMG, there goes the waist line 🙁 We usually craved to have steamboat when weather is good and cooling, and weather […]

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