Love by Roy Croft


Got to know this quote while watching [莫非,這就是愛情] last weekend. So true. I Love you not only for what you are, But for what I am when I am with you I Love you not only for what you’ve made of yourself But for what you are making of me   他喜歡她 , 不是因爲她的樣子 而是因爲跟她在一起時自己的樣子⋯ 她喜歡他 , 不是因爲他爲她做的事 而是跟他在一起時 , 能一起做的事。   即使不說話, 一起靜靜地坐著, 看著電視, 也是種幸福. 至少我是這麼認為…   […]

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Avatar for the Boyfriend


Happy Labour Day! Erm…not talking about the movie “Avatar” here definitely..he he he… If you landed in my blog before, you’d probably noticed that there’s lotsa penguins all over. He he he…mainly because I am widely known as “happie feet”. Friends said that I walked like a Penguin… Do I?? While blogging about his business trip to Hiroshima, suddenly wonder what should I put in one of the image. […]

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A date with boyfriend

A day with Love

Was asking “When are we going to watch THOR” since it was out on 31 Oct 2013… Happy Happy that boyfriend suggested to watch on Saturday (partly because he’s going AMK for a haircut…better than nothing…ha ha haha…we are going on a date on WEEKEND!!!) Anyways, went online to book the tickets at 3pm. WAH! I must have been living on a mountain for quite sometime. I didn’t […]

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♥ Happie Valentine’s Day ♥

♥♥♥♥♥ Happie Happie Valentine’s Day ♥♥♥♥♥ Do cherish the special someone who will be spending the day with you. Don’t hesitate to tell them how much you love or care about them. Because when they’re gone, no matter how hard you cry or shout, they won’t hear you anymore. To my special someone: How many ways to say I love you?  There’s simply too many. Just wanna say […]

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