A Techie Lunch at Genki Sushi (Chinatown Point)

Genki Sushi

He he he…realise that I forgot about this entry, hence the delay. Sorry 🙁 The company was nominated and also a winner in Mob-Ex Awards 2013. Mob-Ex Awards recognises the leading organisations that have measurable success, oustanding works in mobile marketing. There are 23 categories altogether, you can visit their website for the list of winners. Congratulations once again and hopefully there’s more to come! We went to […]

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38 Dinner at Itacho Sushi, Plaza Singapura


Yes, I’m back at Itacho Sushi for dinner again. Wah, think the last time I was here was February last year. Oh my, it’s been a long time. This time with the gang, having dinner on 8 Mar 2013 (International Women’s Day aka 3 8 妇女节). We had a great time catching up, chatting :p Too bad, T couldn’t make it. Hopefully she will join us again soon…after […]

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Roaming Around

Left home @ 4plus after watching The Dog Whisperer.  First stop of the day – Sim Lim Complex.  Went there to get his tablet. Well, we didn’t go for branded tablets, like Tab, iPad, etc.  Seriously, I don’t wanna spend that amount of money to buy a White Elephant home.  I’d rather pay 200+ for something which works just fine, achieve what he wanted 😛  Well, I may […]

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Dinner with the Gals

Suppose to meet the gals at 7pm, but I only managed to leave the office @ 645.  As usual I was late 😛  Reached PS at about 720pm. They went to Itacho Sushi instead as there’s some promotions going on.  Quite a cozy Japanese restaurant and it’s reasonably priced.  There’s one in Ion Orchard, but has always been long queue during meal times, PS and Bugis are 2 […]

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