Hong Kong + Guangzhou Trip, March 2014 – Part 2

HK Mar2014_Cover

continued from: Hong Kong + Guangzhou Trip, March 2014 – Part 1 [in hong kong] Nothing special on other days, just eat and eat, shop and shop and catch up with friends. Met R & Wife for lunch on Saturday. Went to U-Banquet for Dim Sum, well-known for providing superior chinese cuisine and wedding banquet. They have 8 outlets and each with different designs. We went to the one […]

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Day 1 in Hong Kong

Hong Kong

[in Hong Kong] I’m back from 4D3N holiday from Hong Kong (23 Oct – 25 Oct). This has been a memorable trip, but I shall skip the details :p Been to Hong Kong several times, either alone or with friends; however it was a totally different trip this time. I went with Boyfriend and his parents. Planned my itinerary a week before the trip, skipped those theme parks […]

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