Lunch at Delifrance


Haven’t been to Délifrance for a long long time. Used to have one in Compass Point. Happened to see one in Chinatown Point the other day, so suggested to JL to have lunch there :p I think there used to be a Bistro in Chinatown Point. But right now, it’s more like a kiosk. The space was quite small. We were joking that if someone wearing short skirt […]

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Lunch Today – 20 Aug 2013 [Closed]


First visit to this Prata Place in Chinatown Point – Prata Wala. Quite a small unit. Interior: Love the Illustration pictures on the wall My Fried Chicken Briyani ($7.50), super filling. Only managed to finish ¼ of this. Taste alright but really too much. I’m not sure, but I just feel that it’s slightly overpriced. Or, Briyani is generally expensive?   Prata Wala @ Chinatown Point Update: Closed […]

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Dim Sum Lunch at Luk Yu (Chinatown Point)

Luk Yu Teahouse

Met missy for lunch before her Maternity leave ends. Saw the baby’s photo on her facebook, cute and looks like daddy. Thinking of what to eat for lunch in Chinatown can be tough. There’s way too many choices. Walked pass Luk Yu at times but didn’t get to visit this place. While thinking of what to eat, I read some reviews and their pictures looks nice. So, I […]

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Dinner at Poulét @ Chinatown Point


An impromptu dinner date with JL. Was discussing at about 3plus on where to go, what to eat. Shit happens at times. I was required to work late at the last minute. Almost 7.45pm and I’m still in office, so she suggested to have dinner near my office instead. So, I suggested Poulét since I wanted to try. “Poulét [Chicken in French] is the first French Casual Dining […]

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A Techie Lunch at Genki Sushi (Chinatown Point)

Genki Sushi

He he he…realise that I forgot about this entry, hence the delay. Sorry 🙁 The company was nominated and also a winner in Mob-Ex Awards 2013. Mob-Ex Awards recognises the leading organisations that have measurable success, oustanding works in mobile marketing. There are 23 categories altogether, you can visit their website for the list of winners. Congratulations once again and hopefully there’s more to come! We went to […]

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38 Dinner at Itacho Sushi, Plaza Singapura


Yes, I’m back at Itacho Sushi for dinner again. Wah, think the last time I was here was February last year. Oh my, it’s been a long time. This time with the gang, having dinner on 8 Mar 2013 (International Women’s Day aka 3 8 妇女节). We had a great time catching up, chatting :p Too bad, T couldn’t make it. Hopefully she will join us again soon…after […]

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Lunch in Chinatown


Been working in Chinatown for almost a month. Besides the tourists, senior citizens, there are lotsa good food around. Well, I always link Chinatown with the senior citizens and will only go there during Chinese New Year or foot massage at People’s Park Complex. It is a very old estate but has changed a lot over the years. It has also become one of the tourist spot now […]

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Lunch at Hill Street Coffee Shop (Chinatown Point)

Hill Street Coffee Shop

Oooo…this is my first week at the new work place located at Chinatown. Well, lotsa eateries in this area, happie happie 🙂 There’s some foodstalls at basement or level 1 in the same building, People’s Park Market, Chinatown Market as well as lotsa restaurants in the newly renovated Chinatown Point. Oh my…yum yum… We went to this “old school” cafe-lookalike place at Chinatown Point for lunch – Hill […]

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