Chillax @ Wild Oats

Wild Oats @ Punggol Park

Have been wanting to try out this place when it first opened.  Finally, got to go there tonight.  They have big seating area, both indoors and outdoors.  Perhaps it’s on a weekday, the seating area on wooden deck area near the pond was closed. Suppose to meet Eugene, him there.  Well, saw him with 3 other friends (sigh…his drinking kakis) when I reached there at 730pm…  They ordered […]

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Not productive today.  Am having a bad sore throat, even swallowing water is painful.  I definitely going to buy Cooling Tea tonight.  Took Panadol for the time being to ease the feverish feeling…  Weather been temperamental lately too…cold and hot, cold and hot…  Sigh…how I wish it’s cloudy & windy everyday… Happen to bump into some drinks for treating cold…  Honey & Ginger…  Used to have Coke & […]

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Weird Dream

Had a weird dream last night.  Here’s how it goes… We were window shopping and suddenly I felt something dripping out.  Gosh, it’s blood!  Seems like I’m losing the baby.  We both touched my tummy saying “baby, is ok, you’re safe…”.  Reached hospital and checked, it’s really ok.  We were both happy and relieved that the baby is ok… And I woke up… In real life, I’m not […]

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Her World Beauty Awards 2012

Happy and surprised to be one of the 10 lucky winners for Her World Beauty Awards 2012 Contest.  It is basically an award discovering which is the most voted products in Face, Eyes, Lips, Body, Hair, Fragrance & Beauty Trends.  There are 2 categories, ie. Editors’ Choice and Readers’ Choice.  And the prize is a bag of the voted products worth more than S$1,000.00 😀 Will be giving some items […]

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Wow, it’s been quite some time since I update my blog.  Schedule has been hectic, work is crazy 🙁  Been busy doing the websites UAT, bits and pieces here and there.  Finally, feel like facing my laptop at home.  Usually, I’ll just shower, lie in bed and play with my mobile phone after a long day at work.  Don’t feel like looking at the screen again… He’s out […]

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Our Dim Sum Affair ~ Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

From time to time, Dragon Phoenix Restaurant located in Novotel Hotel Clarke Quay will have some promotion.  I missed it the last time, and it’s here again!  50% discount on Dim-Sum (a list of 30 items or more…) during lunch time.  And of course, I’m not going to miss it again!  Heard they are good.  Reached there about 1, and was ushered to our seat.  Erm…think is good […]

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Weekend alone

The Man Vacation Cover

He went on a Brother’s trip to Bangkok on Friday morning.  Well…not sure what to do over weekend, but luckily had a short drinks with friends on Friday night and am going for Dim Sum lunch with them on Sunday…  The restaurant having 50% off 30 Dim Sum Items during lunch time, so we decided to give it a try.  Not sure how is it…shall share the photos […]

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Day Off :D

 Took leave today to run some errands as well as a lunch & movie (John Carter) date with him.  He resigned from his job and is having his break before he starts his new job.  Left home at 130pm.  He booked the movie tickets while we’re in the train. Couldn’t decide what to eat, and the movie starts at 430pm.  And most of the buffet ends at 230pm […]

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