Session with love….

Usually, he doesn’t like to meet me after work unless with company because I’m always late…  he he… Tuesday, he asked what time I knock off, we will go to a Blu Jaz, which is near my office. Surprise and happy. It’s not that crowded that night. Usually, it is pack with diners.  They serve finger food, soup, main course, desserts, beers, cocktails, wine, etc…. oh, and shisha […]

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Lovely Sunday…

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It is 1st July 2012 today, going into 2nd half of the year.  OMG, look at the rate time is flashing by…it really stops for nobody…  Time for some recap… Friday, 29 Jun 2012 Since it’s Friday, of course no one wish to stay late in the office.  Left office at 6:45pm (my earliest timing so far).  Went to the train station with Y, as she’s going to […]

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Thursday Shopping

Jan was talking about going shopping (apparently, she already decided where to shop) afterwork at lunch. Well, he’s on reservist, and I’ve no program, so I decided to tag along 😛 Left office at about 7pm, happy, seldom leave office that early. First stop: neu look @ 313 Somerset The staff handed us a S$20 off voucher at the entrance.  Of course, we’ll read the fine prints “with […]

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Chill out with the gals

Marina Bay

Out on both Wednesday & Thursday.  I guess I shall separate them into 2 posts, or else it will be too long. Planned to have Steamboat dinner on Wednesday, but because it’s month end, so budget constraints 😛  We went for drinks instead… 😛 Jan, JL, Y and I went to Sauce after work for drinks, because they have S$5 nett all night for a bottle of Asahi.  […]

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little patches

Finally!!!  My breakfast partner is finally back from GZ office.  She’s been away for like almost 2 months!  She bought lotsa stuffs for us.  Before her GZ trip, she went to Taiwan, so we had souvenirs from her Taiwan trip as well.  All in all, here’s the list I had: From GZ: Instant Pasta (she said it’s yummy, so I asked her to buy for me) My makeup […]

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Chillax @ Wild Oats

Wild Oats @ Punggol Park

Have been wanting to try out this place when it first opened.  Finally, got to go there tonight.  They have big seating area, both indoors and outdoors.  Perhaps it’s on a weekday, the seating area on wooden deck area near the pond was closed. Suppose to meet Eugene, him there.  Well, saw him with 3 other friends (sigh…his drinking kakis) when I reached there at 730pm…  They ordered […]

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Our Dim Sum Affair ~ Dragon Phoenix Restaurant

From time to time, Dragon Phoenix Restaurant located in Novotel Hotel Clarke Quay will have some promotion.  I missed it the last time, and it’s here again!  50% discount on Dim-Sum (a list of 30 items or more…) during lunch time.  And of course, I’m not going to miss it again!  Heard they are good.  Reached there about 1, and was ushered to our seat.  Erm…think is good […]

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Day Off :D

 Took leave today to run some errands as well as a lunch & movie (John Carter) date with him.  He resigned from his job and is having his break before he starts his new job.  Left home at 130pm.  He booked the movie tickets while we’re in the train. Couldn’t decide what to eat, and the movie starts at 430pm.  And most of the buffet ends at 230pm […]

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Yummy Breakfast

Getting tired of Bee hoon, Curry Puffs and Breads for breakfast.  So, we settled for Toast Bread, Half Boil Eggs instead.  They bought it from Toast Box in Bugis Junction. E ordered Kaya Thick Toast set, but realised that they staff gave us Peanut Butter Thick Toast instead.  Not sure if there’s a price difference.  Well, their set comes with 2 Half Boil Eggs, a Coffee/Tea and the […]

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A night @ Hooters

After work, went to meet T and S at Hooters (Clarke Quay).  Used to walk pass but didn’t went in to try before.  T said the Chicken Wings is highly recommended.  WOW!  It’s really nice.  Definitely, a must try! Hooters is located in Clarke Quay, separated into Alfresco and Indoor dining.  We chose to sit indoors as it’s drizzling then.  Happened that there’s a company event tonight, probably […]

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