Fold an e-Heart this Christmas

Fold a Heart_Cover

HO HO HO…forgot about this, I hope is not too late! It’s that time of the year again…fold a heart and support SingTel Touching Lives Funds during this season of giving & sharing. I’ve folded mine in 2012, just folded some this week. He he he…there isn’t a limit how many hearts one can submit. Same like last year’s simply fold the “digital” heart via a few clicks […]

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My Favorite Colors

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Was looking at some featured images I have added in the blog, most of them were in shades of pink. Pink is still one of my favorite color as of now. But I think I’ve overused them…ha ha ha… I tried to add other colors like Blue or Green, etc…but somehow, it’s still at very minimum :p I am also trying not to make it too colorful…wahahaha… Hm…cannot […]

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Xmas Gathering Part 2 – Brunch at W39 Bistro & Bakery


The long awaited gathering with the gang! Was discussing where to go for our gathering brunch, Ed recommended this place. I would love to try even if it’s at the west side…wahahaha… Read some nice reviews about the place… Was planning to go there on his Birthday, but chose something he likes instead. It is a cheery & cosy place located at 39 Taman Mas Puteh, off West Coast […]

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Xmas Gathering Part 1 – Steamboat cum BBQ Dinner

Christmas Gathering

J & A organised a steamboat cum bbq gathering dinner at their place last Saturday. They were very kind to volunteer to prepare the stuffs, it can be quite a chore… It was the only day where most of us were available, except ZW & Girlfriend. A pity they couldn’t join. The dinner supposed to start at 630, well, as expected, boyfriend woke up at 7plus in the […]

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WestJet Viral Video – Christmas Miracle

merry christmas

There’s several friends sharing this video in their facebook. Curious, clicked on one and watched the video on youtube. WOW! No wonder this went viral with 16M over views… So heart warming and touching, I wonder who came up with that idea. Real Time Giving – a really cool one…Nice play! Enjoy! – ♥ –  

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30 Nov 13 – JESH Wedding Day


Reached Ash’s place at 6am on Saturday, 30 Nov 2013. It was Jeff & Ash’s wedding day… Day started at 6am and ended at 2plus am on Sunday morning…shack 😀 Reached bride’s place at 6am and prepared the items for the gatecrash. Groom & Brothers came, fetched the bride to his place. Stayed for Tea Ceremony, went back to Bride’s place for another Tea Ceremony. And followed by […]

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18th Singapore Hit Awards 2013

18th Singapore Hit Awards 2013 (image source from

A colleague gave me a pair of complimentary tickets to the 18th Singapore Hit Awards 2013. Messaged boyfriend immediately and luckily he’s ok to go…he he he… Went to the facebook page to have a look as I was curios about the guest list. WOW!!! I am jumping with joy because 張智霖 (Chilam), 何韻詩 (HOCC), Karen Mok, Olivia Ong, etc, are in the guests list. Oh man! I […]

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Help a child smile today – I’M IN, you?

Nescafe Pledge for Operation Smile

Saw this post in my facebook feeds by Nescafé Singapore, asking you to join them in creating more smiles 😀 It is very simple and won’t take much of your time. Just choose 1 out of the 3 banners and and their Facebook app will place it in your Facebook Cover Pic. Easy, isn’t it? For every pledge made, they will then donate $1 to Operation Smile. Here’s […]

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手印 by 溫嵐 Landy


This is not a new song, get to hear it for the first time yesterday night while watching 華人星光大道 (Chinese Million Star) from SCV. The theme of the week was to sing a song best representing the story of their love ones. Really need a box of tissue by the side. The contestant sang this song, written by Landy (溫嵐) herself. Looking at the lyrics, you can easily […]

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擋不住的太陽 by 炎亞綸 Aaron

Listening to

Was switching channels and happened to watch this Taiwanese Idol Drama «就是要你愛上我» on SCV the other day. It was already in Episode 12 or 13 and that was my first time watching it. Haven’t been watching Taiwanese Drama for quite sometime… and got hooked…been catching up from Episode 1 onwards. Wahahaha… Loving it so far. I have to share this song in the drama – 擋不住的太陽 by 炎亞綸 Aaron. […]

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