Most my friends already settled down, gotten their HDB flat, some even had kids. BF and I were definitely very slow in planning for the future. Then again, some may say late better than never :p We finally applied for a flat during November 2015’s BTO, successfully got a not bad queue no “117”, successfully selected a unit, and just gotta know that the HLE was approved! YIPPEE!!!! We were really lucky for our first try.

Selecting the unit was not easy. Wahahaha…especially, I opted for EBooklet. Wahaha… So, BF and I were always online, flipping through the PDFs, enlarging the pages to take a closer look. Friends advised us to shortlist several units, in case the one we wanted was taken up, at least we have alternatives immediately on the day. He he he…me being me…shortlisted TOO MANY! In the end, I have difficulties making up my mind. Wahahaha… The day before the selection, he suddenly wanted a balcony :S That made the decision making worse, cos having a balcony was not my priority. Wahahaha… When we were waiting to be called at the HDB Hub, we went for the traditional way in decision making. Korea for Balcony and Paris for without. He thought that I will definitely choose Paris, and wahahaha… I chose Korea, and thereWE HAVE A UNIT WITH BALCONY!!

I didn’t get any optional components as well. I’d like to get the room doors, but it comes in a set with sanitary fittings in the toilet. Didn’t like the vanity top, hence opted out. Floor tiles were ok, but it’s the same in the living/dining room, bedrooms, so I opted out too. We didn’t include the Kitchen Partition Wall as we wanted an open kitchen. Wahahaha… BF said I gotta save for my floor and toilet.

Here’s our estate, and I often joked that friends can come over to fish at our Balcony. Wahahaha!

Punggol Northshore Waterfront IINorthshore Waterfront II – really at the edge of Singapore

The floor plan…kinda weird… One bedroom at one end of the unit, main door facing kitchen…erm…

Punggol Northshore Waterfront II

So, what’s next? Well…he haven’t plan to shop for rings yet 🙁 In fact, I am researching for home ideas now! Wahahahaha!!!!


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