Having Fun with Snacks


Colleagues and I simply in love with Pepero, but we usually bought it when it’s on promo price. Usual price at $1.20 – $1.50 per box (depending on which retailer), which we think it’s kinda pricey :p At times, you can get 3 boxes for $2.70 at Watsons. This time, we bought 5 boxes for $3.95 at Sheng Shiong near office… Some bought 10, and some bought 5…happie to have my cabinet full of Pepero!

When you are stressed up at work, good to inject some fun & creativity! Here’s what happened when we had too much stress & snacks…he he hee…

Β Still trying to figure out why it’s showing 6sec instead of 5sec πŸ™ But if to watch it on youtube, it’s 5sec…

– β™₯ –

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