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Lately, we have been crazy about the new money making app, Phewtick (ok, probably not that new). Friends were also sharing their meetup with friends via Facebook. Looks interesting and went to download from Google Play.

Phewtick - The Meet Up Diary
Phewtick – The Meet Up Diary

How does it work?
All you need to do is record your meetup with friends by scanning the QR code generated from the app and you can start earning points.

What are the rules?
You can scan the same person after every 1 hour since the last scan. At times, need to refresh the code as well, to make it the latest code, else you will have an error message saying it’s invalid code. I think there’s some way for the app to track whether if you and friends are nearby in order to scan. If you’re not nearby, you will get the same error message too. Start to wonder if I can print screen and send to friends? Well, answer is no.

Saw this rule before downloaded the app:

If we detected a user earned points fraudulently, such as creating unknown accounts, disguising location data, or scanning QR codes through photo sharing, we will deduct all points from the account or ban the account eternally.

Points are generated randomly, which you’ll never know how many points you’ll gained. My lowest so far is 8 points and highest 4,000 plus (can’t remember). Points can then be cashed out to your Paypal account but at 24K, 40K and 80K marks. 15% commission will be subtracted from the payment amount.  The exchange rate from points to cash changes periodically as well. As of 16 Oct 2012, 10 points is equivalent to $0.0155

How much I’ve earned?
Well, kinda slow….

My Phewtick Points
My Phewtick Points

Well, yet to be able to cash out, so not sure if it’s a scam. But I don’t think it will be just it. There must be something behind this app, probably some alternative advertising platforms. So, let’s wait and see. Meanwhile, happie meeting & scanning 😀


with love…

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