Eat and Eat…

Yeah!  Finally, after so long, this coming Thursday is National Day!  That means it’s a public holiday for us!

My GZ colleague, ZH is in town for a week.  This is his 2nd time here in Singapore.  Brought him to Sentosa during his stay last year.  We decided to do something different, we went cycling at East Coast.  Well, it’s a rainy day, we got stucked in the shelter from 130pm to 430pm, cycled for an hour…  Oh my, think it’s been a long time since I last exercised.  Butt pain, muscle ache…tired…  I think I better exercise regularly, getting old already :p

Went to Lena’s for dinner on Monday.  They have daily promotion, monday was 30% off 2nd Fish main course.  Both ZH and JL ordered fish, JL’s hub and I ordered chicken…  Ordered 1 pint of Lychee flavored beer.  First mouthful taste nice, but after a few mouthfuls, it’s not that nice actually.  I guess it’s too sweet…

Dinner at Lena's
Dinner at Lena’s

with love…

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