It was rare of him that he will suggest to go dating on last Saturday, especially with his new past-time lately – DiabloIII!  We planned to watch Spiderman, go to Garden Festival 2012 @ Suntec Convention Centre and have dinner after that.  We are going dating today, yippee yippee!!!  Erm…has to depend on what time he wakes up too, not too bad, he wakes up at 130pm.

Forgot where he got the Eng Wah movie vouchers from, but just read the T&C.  One of the terms is that the voucher is only valid for value S$10 or less.  Not applicable for topping up the difference.  Erm…probably we are unable to use them during weekends.  We decided to watch Spiderman during weekdays then…

Left home at about 4plus (later than planned) as it rained in the early afternoon and we actually were lazing around…ha ha ha…  Reached Suntec at around 5plus, can’t remember.  There was no queue at the ticket counter for the Singapore Garden Festival 2012.  It is an one-week event from 7Jul – 15Jul, showcasing the various enchanting garden displays, award-winning landscape creations or balcony gardens.  You can shop for your garden needs in the marketplace too…  Great for serious gardener, hobbyist or simply having a good time with family…

We were greeted with really nicely done display at the entrance which seems like we are in fairytale… Oh, forgot to take picture of bees & grasshopper…

Garden Festival 2012 – Entrance Display

Walked into the convention hall, smell of flowers…  Oh…and there were a lot of photographers, taking their anime characters, placed them near the display to take pictures.  Here’s one of the character which I managed to snap (not very well taken though):

One fo the “Model”

There were very nice garden landscapes, dragon made up of roses, balcony gardens, etc…  And my favorite tulips!  Here’s some photos to share:

Garden Festival 2012 - Some displays

Some displays & designs

Garden Festival 2012 - Landscapes Design

Nice landscapes!

They even decorate the interior of the lift, and this is what I’ve got:

Inside the lift…

Oh…and here’s my favorite shot of the day, using Android Camera App “Camera 360“:

My favorite shot

After all the walks, we went to Marina Square to have dinner @ Jack’s Place.  His mom gave us some vouchers some time back and it’s expiring soon, that’s why we need to use them before they expire :p  Reached there at about 7plus, not really that crowded.  Don’t have to queue for long.  Have been dining in Jack’s Place pretty often, not sure what to order this time.  Thankfully, they have a July special menu…  So of course, we ordered 2 main course from the special menu 😀  And definitely, his must have escargots…

Dinner at Jack's Place

Yummy with love…

Reached home at about 11plus…oh man, I’m tired.  Showered and knocked out shortly…  Well, as for him, he was D3-ing…

with love…

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