I hate doing cold calls, I tried once during school holidays.  Didn’t enjoy much.

I’m sure some of you may answered some telemarketing calls, looking for the Managing Director / Marketing Director of your company, seeking for some partnership thingy.  Well, I kept receiving this call from this guy, asking if we have any projects to outsource to them.  Well, think I’m not the only one received calls from him.  My colleague told him that we do not outsource, we have our internal team to handle all projects.  But, till now, he still called to look for my boss.

He always called either during lunch time or early in the morning when my boss is not in the office.  Guess he’s getting impatient now, and he asked “where is he?  Is he really at lunch or he’s avoiding my calls.  I called and he’s not in all the time”.  Well, it isn’t my fault if you called without checking the time!  Shouldn’t telemarketers should check the time before they call and not “bombing” the person who answer your call with this kind of attitude!


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