Roaming Around

Left home @ 4plus after watching The Dog Whisperer.  First stop of the day – Sim Lim Complex.  Went there to get his tablet. Well, we didn’t go for branded tablets, like Tab, iPad, etc.  Seriously, I don’t wanna spend that amount of money to buy a White Elephant home.  I’d rather pay 200+ for something which works just fine, achieve what he wanted 😛  Well, I may consider getting him a Tab as his birthday pressie if it turns out really useful.  Afterall, he’s an Android fan…  I’d prefer ipad though 😛  We bought 1 Ainol Novo7 (China/Taiwan brand, not sure), seems ok to me.  Think he did research around 😛 I dunno, he knows all these gadgets better than me.  Anyways, I don’t think I’ll be so heart broken if this thing fails after 1 month 😛

Went to Bugis Junction to do some shopping.  Well, didn’t manage to get anything.  Was roaming around, deciding what to eat for dinner.  We came across  Kazokutei (家族亭), apparently seems to be famous for their handmade Udon.  Well, why not!  Kazokutei (家族亭) was established in 1947, one of the older names in Osaka for Udon and they have more than 200 outlets in the country.

We ordered Salmon Sushi, Toji Nabeyaki Udon + Katsu Don set, Prawn + Pork Cutlet Omu Rice set and 2 Hojicha (roasted tea).  Well, Salmon Sushi was disappointing.  It’s thin, and texture was weird.  Can’t really describe, but it’s like mashed once I out it in my mouth.  I love his Udon Nabeyaki Udon, Udon was thick, chewy & springy, the soup was hot and good.  He said the Katsu Don was disappointing too, eggs too dry.   I ordered the Prawn + Pork Cutlet Omu Rice.  Well, one shouldn’t go wrong with deep fried stuffs, I guess.  Omu rice taste good but I don’t really like the egg texture.  Slightly too “slimey” for me, or was it because of the gravy?  If those who like eggs which is not 100% cooked, think they will like the texture.  I prefer 100% cooked egg 😛

Service quite ok, but somehow the staffs are not very familiar with the table arrangements.  Our orders kept going to the other table or they will stand and pause for a moment to think which table to go to.  Total bill was S$39.65 (inclusive of service charge and gst), each item was less than S$15.00.

Think I’ll order Udon next time (if there’s one)
Overall:  ♥♥♥♥♥

Kazokutei (Bugis Junction)
200, Victoria Street
#02-49, Bugis Junction
Singapore 188021 (Map)
Tel:  +65 6338 0187

Opening Hours:
Daily:  11.30am – 9.45pm

 Some pictures:

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