Chinese New Year’s Eve

Happy Chinese New Year!

Today is the first day of the Chinese New Year.  Waiting for him to wake up, so that we’ll go to his Gran’s place.

Did our last minute shopping @ Tampines yesterday, at least bought what we need.  I have a total of 2 tops and 1 bottom for the CNY.  Very little right?  Well, what to do…shouldn’t leave everything to the last minute.  He bought 2 tops, 1 jeans and he had some new collections which he bought from HK last year.

Went home at about 4plus and went to his auntie’s place for reunion dinner.  Wow, they’ve added 2 dogs to their collection, Mocha and Toby.  Personally, I’m always a fan of Golden Retriever, and Toby was one.  Can’t wait for him to grow up, he’s only 3 months old now.  He’s so cute!


And guess what, after dinner, we had cards game…and I was dipsy after the drinks from the forfeit…  OMG, what a way to spend my CNY’s eve, and I missed my countdown!  I crashed into bed the moment I reached home 🙁  So unglam!  And I didn’t even wish his parents the wishes for Chinese New Year, sigh…  What a terrible way to countdown 🙁

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